Dubai Metro Renames Al Safa Station To ONPASSIVE Metro Station

ONPASSIVE Metro Station

ONPASSIVE, a Dubai-based AI technology company, recently celebrated acquiring the naming rights of Dubai’s busiest metro station at their R&D HUB in Hyderabad, India. The station, known as Al Safa, will be rebranded as ONPASSIVE Metro Station for a period of 10 years. It is situated on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro and is located on Sheikh Zayed Road.


The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai is embracing a new milestone in its metro transportation system. The famous Al Safa Station on the Dubai Metro has been renamed as the ONPASSIVE Metro Station, in an effort to strengthen the city’s commitment to developing a more efficient, contemporary and secure public transport system. This renaming brings forth a new era of innovation to the Dubai Metro and its commuters. Let us take a closer look at the background, details, and impact of renaming Al Safa Station to ONPASSIVE Metro Station.


Al Safa Metro station, located on the Red Line, will be fully rebranded as Onpassive Metro Station for 10 years.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have granted the station’s naming rights to Onpassive, a global AI technology company.

Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Kalbat, CEO of Rail Agency, RTA, said, “Through partnering with Onpassive, RTA is keen to showcase the high profile of Dubai as a city that appeals to international investments and matches the aspirations of entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their presence and competitiveness in the emirate. We are thrilled to see one of the global companies taking the naming rights of Al Safa Metro Station in a perfect move poised to raise its brand visibility and presence in the economic map of Dubai and the UAE in general.

“Dubai is shaping into a benchmark in the quality of infrastructure, where RTA is an integral part thereof. Dubai Metro stations are among the key mass transit means that boast strategic locations in the emirate and serve hundreds of thousands of riders every day. These facts are key contributors to attracting foreign capitals, which always seek feasible and sustainable revenues over the long run, which is exactly provided by RTA.”


This news report discusses the partnership between Onpassive and Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority. The partnership will allow Onpassive to incorporate artificial intelligence in their services and rename the station with new signage as well as updating it on the smart systems and RTA’s public transport apps. The aim of the partnership is to spread the use of artificial intelligence for humanitarian causes, as Dubai is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists from around the world.


A news report has revealed that ONPASSIVE, a technology company specializing in artificial intelligence, has partnered with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority to provide smart services to Dubai Metro passengers. The partnership is part of ONPASSIVE’s wider plans to use AI for humanitarian causes. Ashraf Mufareh, founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE, has expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, noting that it will provide excellent services to the eight million tourists who visited the city last year. Mohammad Nazzal, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, believes this will be an opportunity to support AI services in the UAE. The Metro is currently used by more than 12 million people every year.


Renaming the Al Safa Station to ONPASSIVE Metro Station is a major step forward for Dubai’s attempt to build itself into a global city. The renaming of the station symbolizes the importance of technology in the country’s growth and development, and how innovation is playing a major role in Dubai’s modernization. The collaboration between ONPASSIVE and the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority is sure to bring new opportunities and progress to the city and its citizens. Overall, the renaming of the station demonstrates that the city is committed to accelerating its growth and modernization efforts through the use of technology. As the city’s infrastructure continues to grow and adapt to technological solutions, the name ONPASSIVE Metro Station will continue to serve as a reminder of progress and development in Dubai.

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