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If you are a Founder or User of ONPASSIVE Kindly Check your ONPASSIVE Back-Office Every day.
But if you are not a user of ONPASSIVE  CLICK HERE for registration by following this Steps:

Fill the Form step by step:


2. Enter – First Name & Last Name 

3. Create Your O-Mail 

4. Enter Your Alternative Email

5. Create Password

6. Confirm Password

7. Submit

8. Then Go to- ecosystem.onpassive.com

9. Enter- o-mail address

10. And Password

11. Then Click – Login to Ecosystem

12. Enjoy Your Dashboard

Onpassive Ecosystem Registration Process

How to Solve ONPASSIVE Login problem?

If you are a founder or user of ONPASSIVE but can't login your onpassive ecosystem dashboard-
Kindly follow this process to fix ofounder or onpassive ecosystem login issue:

At first, try to login to your account by filling up your right omail and password carefully. 

If the problem is not solved, you can login to your account by using “Alternative Gmail Address”

When you enter your “Email Address” and click “Request OTP”, you will get 6 digit OTP Code to your email as  Verification Code then fill in the OTP box    

Finally, Click “Verify OTP”   and enjoy your Dashboard

If the problem is not solved, What do you DO?

I strongly advise sending the issue to support@onpassive.com. Please be careful with your writing if you emailed the support team. You will be operational quickly if you go by these basic guidelines. If you have encountered one of these problems, send just an email to support@onpassive.com.

If sending an email isn’t working for you, try contacting ONPASSIVE through the contact form on the website.

Write details about your problem, like-

Hello there,
Hope that you are doing great.
I am having a problem that I can’t login in my onpassive ecosystem account because it shows my omail/email address is invalid.
My email address is myemailadress@mail.com. I have added screenshots of my issue attached to this email to explain my issue.
Kindly help me to solve the issue.
[Your Namr]

I hope your problem is solved within 24 hours. Just wait and check your email for reply from ONPASSIVE tech team.

ONPASSIVE - The Future Of Internet

The AI technology startup ONPASSIVE has created a novel business model that allows customers to access Digital Solutions through the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem, a multi-platform center for business acceleration. To assist businesses in automating their processes, the company’s team of professionals has created a platform leveraging artificial intelligence technology. The foundation of the ONPASSIVE business model is the idea that enterprises should be given all the resources they require to flourish while simultaneously lowering operating expenses.

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