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Bramework Lifetime Deal

If you want to write digital content, you must have keywords. Because keywords help you to rank your content in search engines like  google. 

You need a search engine optimized content to get higher traffic on your website. So to search for the keyword here is Bramework for you. Bramework will give you another solution.

If you need to write long contents, then you need an AI writer. Bramework will also provide you this. Here is everything in this article you need to know about Bramework.

Let’s begin – Bramework

What is Bramework?

Bramework is an AI writer and keyword finder for digital marketers, bloggers, freelancers who want to write long form articles for their website. 

Bramework is an assisting tool that helps you to write long form articles which will be engaging, SEO friendly and high quality contents. 

Besides that you will find built in keywords here in Bramework. Bramework can be used instead of Jarvis AI.

Using this tool you can write SEO friendly long form articles for your site. The contents will be engaging. As a result you will get high traffic on your site. You can write your help with the help of Bramework with no time.

You don’t have to worry about keyword research. Bramework will find your keywords easily by discovering the search engines and the trends.

Now let’s know about the features and pricing of the Bramework lifetime deal.

➦Bramework Features

If you need an hour to write an article, you can write the article in just 30 minutes using Bramework. There are so many amazing features of Bramework which will help you to write your content easily. Let’s discuss the Bramework features.

⇨ High Traffic in your Website

The more visitors visit your site, the more you will be benefited. To get more visitors to your website,  you need to write quality content. To make a quality content the keyword plays an important role. 

Using Bramework you can get quality content in a short time, so that your website gets more traffic.

⇨Keyword Finder 

When you want quality content, you must find the engaging keyword to make the content engaging. To write quality content you need to find trending keywords. Bramework will help you to do that. 

Bramework will help you to find the common questions people ask on search engines. When you use the keywords your content will rank high in search engines. That will be good for your website.


⇨Save Your Time 

As I have said, if you can write an article in an hour. You can write that article in 30 minutes with the help of Bramework AI. So that is sure that you can save a lot of time using Bramework.

⇨Image Finder

If you need an image for a content, you can search the image on Bramework. You can find royalty free stock images which you can use in your contents easily. That will save your time too.

⇨Article Outline Generator

When you write an article, first you need to make the content outline so that you can write the content quickly. That will be done by the AI generator.

After giving the information, Bramework will make the article structure for you, which will help your content to rank on search engines.

For that, you can write your content easily because you know the structure and what to write that will keep your article on high rank.

⇨Article Title Generator

If you want to make your content engaging, then at first you should choose a nice title. Because visitors will read your contents after seeing the title. So choosing a good title is an important thing. 

Bramework will help you to do that. By the AI powered title generator you can make catchy content titles that attract the visitor and push them to click on the title to read the article. 

So these are all the features of Bramework. These will help you to gain 80% higher rank than before

bramework life time deal

Bramework Pricing

Bramework is a nice tool to create SEO contents with the help of AI. Now we will know  about the pricing plans of Bramework. There are 4 pricing plans of Bramework. 

  1. Basic Plan
  2. Starter Plan
  3. Professional Plan
  4. Agency Plan

➦Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is a monthly plan. Your monthly charge will be 9$. You will get these features in this Plan. 

  • You will get 10,000 AI generated words in this plan in Bramework.
  • Only one person can use that plan.
  • You can do unlimited projects with this.
  • AI writing assistant. 
  • AI title generator. 
  • AI Outline generator.
  • You can search unlimited keywords.
  • After writing the content, you can also check plagiarism here in Bramework Basic Plan.
  • You can search for copyright free images.

You can export the file as HTML,PDF,TXT,DOCX etc.

➦Starter Plan

In this plan you have to pay 29$ per month. You will get these features given below.

  • You will get 40,000 AI generated words.
  • 2 people can use this plan.

All the features of Basic Plan.

➦Professional Plan

This plan is for 59$ per month. You will get so many features in it.

  • You will get 1,00,000 AI generated words.
  • 4 people can use one professional plan.
  • You will get all the basic plan features.

➦Agency Plan

In this plan you have to pay 119$ per month. You will get these features. 

  • You will get unlimited AI generated words.
  • 8 people can use this plan.
  • You will have all the basic plan features.

Bramework's Appsumo lifetime deal

Appsumo always provides you the best AI tool at the best price. The startup companies launch their software here at a high discount. So like that you will find Bramework lifetime deals here. You will get 10% off your first purchase for 79$.

Key Features

When you purchase the appsumo bramework lifetime deal, you will get so many features.  They are given below.

  • You will have lifetime access to the bramework.
  • You will get all updates of the starter plan.
  • You just have to choose the plan.
  • You have to activate your plan within 60 days of purchase.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your plan.
  • If you want to cancel any plan, you will get the money back within 60 days
  • You will have the bramework AI writing assistant.
  • You will have the AI blog title and outline generator by Bramework.
  • The facility of unlimited keyword search from Bramework.
  • You will have the website keyword ranking tool for your site.
  • You can check plagiarism here.
  • You will have the access to download unlimited free stock images for your article.
  • You can export your file  to HTML or PDF.

Bramework's Appsumo Pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What technology is behind Bramework AI?

Answer- To provide you high quality content Bramework is powered by GPT-3, SEMRush. And they have their own algorithm to write AI contents.

Q2. Does Bramework integrate with WordPress?

Answer- Yes! Bramework makes it possible for you. You can  publish your blog post using a third party WP plugin. The official wordpress plugin of Bramework will come soon.

Q3. Is there the use of a fair policy?

Answer- Yes! There is a fair policy of Bramework and they use it properly.


Bramework helps you to find the best keyword to make your content on the top rank on google. And the AI writer is impressive. In the Bramework lifetime deal you will get all the amazing features like AI outline generator, AI title generator, free image finder and many more.

 You don’t have to do anything except input the information. Bramework will do the rest. It will give you the best article in a short period of time. So why late? Get the Bramework appsumo lifetime deal now and make the best content.

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